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Heavy Duty Bollards

Steel bollards are heavy-duty posts embedded deep into the substrate and filled with concrete. Steel pipe is generally used in parking areas, around utility meters, before storefront windows, and to outline pedestrian areas.

If the steel bollard post is not covered with a decorative bollard, it should be sealed from the elements in another way. Paint is commonly used to hold corrosion at bay. Concrete bollard caps enhance the profile of painted posts.

Slide-over plastic bollard sleeves are another finishing option. Bollard Sleeves are great for enhancing existing steel bollards that may be scratched or dented. They are also good for covering new bollards where a plastic cover is preferred for protection and to help reduce maintenance. Available in 2 diameters, the sleeve can be easily cut down on site to the height you need.

  • Incredibly strong, up to 12mm thick wall for ultimate protection.
  • Stands 1200mm above ground
  • Removable model includes in-ground steel sleeve
  • Recommended minimum 30mpa concrete footing.
  • Ideal for high security or transport depot installations.

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Product Benefits

Maintenance free

Non-corrosive, non-scratch, non-repaint, water resistant, self-coloured and UV stabilised for minimal maintenance.

Stop Point Control

An effective visual marker for reversing vehicles, with in-built strength to absorb impact force where collisions occur.

Beautifully Design

There are many different types of bollard sleeve designs. Heavy Duty Bollards can be covered with different coloured sleeves with or without reflective tape.

Bollard Sleeve Colour Options -

Our standard colors are yellow, red, orange, white, handicap blue, gray, forest green, urban bronze, black, brown, and orange. Custom colors are available upon request.

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