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Bollard Covers (Sleeves)

Bollard Protection Sleeves offer a quick, simple and economical way to recondition rusted, faded, or scratched bollards. Imagine never having to remove, replace, or re-paint again!

Bollard covers are suitable for interior and exterior environments, making them ideal for shopping centres, car parks, schools, factories and warehouses. They are particularly useful in food processing facilities where chipped or flaking paint and powder coat surfaces are a health hazard. They can be easily washed down and are not affected by most chemicals or oils.

Available in 2 diameters, the sleeve can be easily cut down on-site to the height you need. Sleeves are also manufactured from recyclable plastics.

The Benefits

  • Cheaper to install than repairing and painting existing damaged bollards
  • Contains ultraviolet additives that resist fading and withstands extreme temperatures
  • Quick and easy installation that ensures a secure fit
  • Durable, flexible HDPE + LDPE plastic designed to absorb impact
  • Protects both vehicles and structures from expensive damage
  • Two recessed reflective stripes increasing visibility and safety
  • All colors are available with or without taped reflective stripes
  • Low cost
Design -

There are many different types of bollard designs. They can be covered with different coloured sleeves with or without reflective tape.

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